Wednesday, December 6

December 6, 2006

1.  Attendance and Announcements

2.  Evaluations

3.  Presentations

Katy Schwager

Trevor Westmoreland

Marissa Stockham

Delilah Carlson

Chris Fitch 

Randall Ziman

Krista Smith

Roger Wilkerson

Peter Potash

Annie Wilkes


Web Project Transcriptions Hours

December 4, 2006

Extended hours for Robin in the Transcriptions Studio the week of December 4 are as follows:

M 1.30-5.30
T 3-6
W 10-3

Friday I will be in the studio from 1.30-6; Robin will not be there but you are free to come and use the computers as necessary.

To allow for last-minute technical troubleshooting, the web project due date has been extended to Monday, December 11, at NOON.  Robin will be available for last-minute technical help on Monday, December 11, from 10am-NOON.  To “hand in” your project, please email me the url by the deadline.

Monday, December 4 – Endings and Beginnings

December 4, 2006

1.  Attendance and Announcements

2.  What have we learned this quarter?

3.  “Ulysses”

4.  “Declaration of Independence Cyberspace”

your responses:

(5. Evaluations)

6.  Presentations:




Wednesday, November 29 – “The Garden of Forking Paths”

November 29, 2006

1.  Attendance and Collect Papers

2.  Questions from Monday’s discussion  (online discussion forum)

3.  Chris’s presentation

4.  “The Garden of Forking Paths” as hypertext   

5.  “Borges and I”

6.  Hypertext and Literature

7.  Krista’s Presentation

8.  Extra Credit Assignments

9.  Web Assignments

10.  For Next Time: our final day of class discussion

Think about our four final poems; what they have to say about endings and beginnings

Extra Credit Opportunities!

November 29, 2006

For those of you who have missed some classes or some online responses, these extra-credit opportunities are a good way to make up those lost points.  Each extra-credit assignment counts for one on-line response; if you have completed all of the assigned responses, then the extra-credit will offer a little “boost” to your attendance and participation grade, especially if it falls on the border between two grades.  Post each extra-credit assignment to the online forum under the thread “Extra Credit” assignments.

All extra credit is due by midnight Wednesday, December 6.

1.  Read and respond to “A Manifesto for the Humanities in a Technological Age”
By Cathy N. Davidson and David Theo Goldberg
(password protected; must be accessed on-campus or using proxy server)

2.  Facade.  Read “Atlantic Monthly” article, download and play Facade, and post your response to the article and the experience of playing the game.

Poetry and Structure II — Wednesday, November 15

November 15, 2006

1.  Attendance and Announcements

2.  George Herbert

3.  Marissa’s Presentation

4.  Poetry

5.  For Next Time:

  • Paper II
  • Final Projects

Poetry and Structure – Monday, November 13

November 13, 2006

1.  Attendance and Announcements:

Santa Barbara March for Peace and Diversity
MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Web Design Workshops: next Tuesday, the week after Thanksgiving

2.  Paradise Lost
-simile (Miltonic simile)
-internal rhyme

3.  Peter’s Presentation 

4.  “Kubla Khan”

5.  Remediation: pop-up books, the eidophusikon (4:40)

6.  For Next Time: Poetry and Structure II: physical components of poetry